Denisha Tate & Associates, LLC offers the following three primary consulting services for churches and non-profit organizations:

Business Strategy

Partnering with leaders to guide organizational planning which leverage assets and strengths to achieve a specific set of goals, outcomes, and desired impact. Assess current state, resources, and systems to align efforts towards a successful implementation plan.

  • Agency Overview
  • Stakeholder Feedback
  • Planning Meeting (Current State & Desired State)
  • Document Review
  • Final Presentation

Operational Improvement Plan

Address agency opportunity to improve, increase efficiency, and leverage resources through the creation of an operational improvement plan. Through examination of agency strengths and weaknesses, in addition to environmental opportunities and threats the organization can focus efforts on becoming who it desires to be.

  • Visioning Future State
  • Assess Key Business Functions
  • Action Planning
  • Final Presentation

Leadership Training

Ignite, energize and inspire your organization’s leaders to exemplify the characteristics and behaviors of effective leadership. Engage leaders in understanding key topics to be mastered by leveraging the expertise, experience, and strengths of others throughout the organization.

  • Dream Team Visioning
  • Leader Identification/Profile
  • Leader Inspiration, Transformation & Ignition
  • Commitment Presentation

Denisha’s Approach

Effecting Leadership

Denisha loves to train and speak to leaders. She considers herself to be a power source that inspires, transforms and ignites individuals, teams and/or audiences.  She custom tailors each program, seminar, workshop or keynote to fit your needs.  Denisha helps LEADERS LEAD others to a better tomorrow.

Effecting Workplace Culture

We spend endless days “BEING” but we often forget what happened or how we felt. That’s because you are called to LIVE.  That requires presence, intentionality and purpose! Secondly, we tolerate, survive, and sleepwalk through our life. That’s not good enough, we are called to LOVE. Effective employees know how to LIVE LOVE!

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