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From the Boardroom to the Zoom, 

You were created to be


Let me help you turn up your
light and shine!

My mission is to help everyone I meet or have the opportunity to work with, reconnect and charge up the light that’s already inside of you.

In 2014, Denisha Tate & Associates, LLC consulting firm was established with the focused principles of: Leaders Lead &

Live Love. In 2017, Denisha Tate & Associates LLC began full time consulting for nonprofits seeking operational excellence. As Founder and Lead Consultant, Denisha assembled a network of professionals who were deemed experts in their field. This allows the team to align according to the specific needs of each client. Associates join Denisha in leveraging personal experience, formal training, and talent to help guide each client to success.

All_is_Well (1).jpg

I know a thing or two about setbacks...

You're looking at a overcomer!

The picture to the left shows that I had 22 staples on my head but I was EXCITED to be alive! I see troubles as OPPORTUNITIES and have a fearless approach to making better a reality! 

As a nonprofit business strategist, I understand the importance of pursuing your dreams and living a life of purpose. My own life experiences have taught me that no matter what comes your way, you can live a purpose-filled life and pass it on to others. I take this message with me as I help others on their journey of success.


My book debut

One Mile Below Bottom

Health, finances, family and career represent the most delicate essentials of your life. Disturbances in any of these areas can be difficult to handle. When you finally pull yourself together to overcome the latest ordeal, imagine being blindsided by another act of devastation. No one asks for trauma. There may be moments of joy entangled in the journey of pain. And joy found amid pain is the sweetest joy of all. 

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