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Brandy Riley

Riley Design Studio

After working with numerous creative entrepreneurs as a freelancer and working in the legal marketing industry, I decided to focus solely on leveraging my design skills to help more service-based businesses dominate the marketplace with their brands. 


With this new focus, I created a design program coined, ‘The Brand Reboot’ where I take my clients through a 4 phase experience that helps them to establish brand trust, leverage their credibility and own a brand that they are proud of.


In this done-for-you/done-with-you program, I specifically help clients:


-Uncover their brand story

-Clarify their brand voice, values and niche

-Guidance and direction on their brand identity

-Support and creative direction on brand photoshoot

-Implement effective marketing strategies

-Secure corporate contracts 


And of course:


-Provide stunning designs and visuals that connect deeply with their clients and customers. While building their online home to do customer service work on their behalf. 

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