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Denisha Tate-McAlister

My main focus is to empower leaders today with the tools needed in order to be aligned with their personal mission, professional goals and career growth. I believe that true heart-centered leadership is directly connected to joy, love and having a renewed belief system built on clarity and action plan. 

Your Key Strategist is here!

As a leader, you are expected to have all the answers, to ensure everyone knows that everything is ok, to have it all together.  At least, that’s the lie that leaders get told.  As a result, you get depleted, you get stuck and have those moments of doubt.


I have over 20 years of experience in personal, professional and program development, strategic planning and resource management.  I understand exactly what’s needed for leaders to remain relative, competitive and forward-thinking in any area or environment.

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Professional Leadership Strategies for
Long-Term Success

I understand that having an internal healthy ecosystem in the workplace and the community leads to more efficiency, more joy, and most of all, productivity. I aim to provide my clients with strategies for managing teams, creating plans, and organizing the workplace to get the most out of their staff.

Whether you’re a major corporation, small business or solopreneur, I'm here to provide the best advice, the most effective solutions, and up-to-date strategies to make sure you can reach your full potential.
I will provide you with the resources you need to take your business to the next level.


Denisha loves to train and speak to leaders. She considers herself to be a power source that inspires, transforms and ignites individuals, teams and/or audiences.  She custom tailors each program, seminar, workshop or keynote to fit your needs.  Denisha helps LEADERS LEAD others to a better tomorrow.


We spend endless days “BEING” but we often forget what happened or how we felt. That’s because you are called to LIVE.  That requires presence, intentionality and purpose! Secondly, we tolerate, survive, and sleepwalk through our life. That’s not good enough, we are called to LOVE. Effective employees know how to LIVE LOVE!

Real Results from Real Organizations


Denisha brings a level of passion and enthusiasm to all she does in life. Her ability to ‘bring to life’ core messages and complex dynamics is unequivitabley one of the best! Her people skills are exceptional with a magnitude of personality and charisma. Her strengths in training and development of individuals are at the core of her talent and a strong belief in using critical thinking to advance individuals. Her communication style and approach provide an atmosphere of approachability and comfort for all that meet her.

Jim Clark

President & CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Coaching with Denisha was a great personal and professional experience. It was a professional introduction however Denisha was able to demonstrate how life experiences connect with professional performance and interaction. I looked forward to our meetings. It was a space of no judgment  when expressing myself. I felt heard and supported in my journey towards personal and perfessional growth.

Donna J.

Milwaukee County

Denisha provided tailor-made leadership coaching designed distinctly for me that addressed my apprehension and anxiety that I often pondered about leading. The leadership coaching was heartfelt which dealt with my trepidation. Her leadership coaching was phenomenal and provided the stabilization needed to lead well in my uniqueness. If you desire to execute, expand, and excel partner with Denisha!

Daryl Burmeister

Milwaukee County


My book debut

One Mile Below Bottom

Health, finances, family and career represent the most delicate essentials of your life. Disturbances in any of these areas can be difficult to handle. When you finally pull yourself together to overcome the latest ordeal, imagine being blindsided by another act of devastation. No one asks for trauma. There may be moments of joy entangled in the journey of pain. And joy found amid pain is the sweetest joy of all. 

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